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Mast Mount bracket  (BRKTMMT) –  $62 MSRP


The Mast Mount bracket is used for mounting lights on curved surfaces by wrapping around a mast, post or pole.

For lights with angles of less than 360 degrees (Bi-Color, Stern, Masthead, Special Flash, and Towing).

Easy installation: position and mark for a drill & tap or pop rivet. See Instructions / Owner’s Manual below.

Wire termination area at rear of bracket maybe used to stow and shelter wire termination.

Made of injection molded black ASA plastic. 


If purchasing a Masthead light, use model # 3NM225MMT for the light comes installed in the mast mount bracket.




Mast Mount bracket


Size: 2.125″ W x 3.75″ H x 2.75″ D

Weight 3.2 oz.

Injection molded black ASA plastic.

Easy installation. See Instructions / Owner’s Manual below.

Hardware included.

For Bi-Color (2NMBI225), Stern (2NM135W), Masthead (3NMMH225), Special Flash 2NMSFLASH), and Towing (2NMTOW) lights.