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360 Bracket  –  $22 MSRP

The 360 degree bracket is keyed to assure proper orientation with the vessels center line, or it can be rotated 90 degrees.

For 360 degree lights (Tri-Color & Anchor combination; Anchor; Masthead & Anchor combination; 2NM 360 degree White, 2NM 360 degree Red, 2NM 360 degree Green; Dredge; Hover Craft; Deck/Spreader).

Stainless Steel with two .187 inch holes.

Plastic isolation washer to prevent corrosion and hardware included.


360 degree Bracket

Model #: BRKT360

Size: 1″ W x 1″ H x 2.75″ L

Weight: 1.3 oz.

Stainless Steel with two .187 ” holes.
Hardware plus plastic isolation washer to prevent corrosion included.
Keyed for center line orientation.

For: Tri-Color & Anchor combo (TRIANC3, TRIANC3P, TRIANC2, TRIANC2P); Anchor (3MN360W, 3MN360WP, 3MN360WS); Masthead & Anchor combo (3NMMHANC); 2NM 360 degree White (2NM360W), 2NM 360 degree Red (2NM360R), 2NM 360 degree Green (2NM360G); Dredge (2NMDREDGE); Hover Craft (2NMHOV); Deck/Spreader (DKSPRW, DKSPRR).

Bracket Drawing in pdf